Links to Other Combinatorial Chemistry Websites

Diversity Information Pages
For a thorough:
- List of articles published in this field.
- Patents granted in the area of molecular diversity.
- Upcoming symposia Database of scientists working in molecular diversity.
- List of companies and organizations.
- Diversity lovers forum and other general information about the field (and links to a number of related sites such as this one)

For a comprehensive review of:

- Reaction blocks, devices and workstations.

- High-Throughput systems for synthesis, purification and analysis.

- Software for library design, management and analysis.

- Chemicals for building blocks, custom synthesis and library synthesis as wells as compound libraries for High-Throughput Screening.

- Daily news.

- Scientific events.

- Relevant links for combinatorial chemistry general and specialized information.

Combinatorial Chemistry Yellow Pages
Ellman group Homepage at U. C. Berkeley
Carlsberg Research Center.Center for Solid Phase Organic Combinatorial Chemistry

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