Combinatorial Literature

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Backround
Chapter 3. Linkers for Combinatorial Synthesis

3.1. Resin Derivatization
3.2. Linkers for Carboxylic Acids
3.3. Linkers for Amides
3.4. Linkers for Alcohols and Amines
3.5. Linkers for Hydrocarbons and Other Functional Groups

Chapter 4. Combinatorial Solid Phase Synthesis

4.1. Condensations to Prepare Amides, Esters, Ureas, Imines, Phosphorus, and Other Related Compounds
4.2. Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation on Solid Support
4.3. Mitsunobu Reactions on Solid Support
4.4. Substitution and Addition Reactions on Solid Support
4.5. Oxidations on Solid Support
4.6. Reductions on Solid Support
4.7. Preparation of Heterocyclic Compounds
4.8. Targetted Libraries Prepared on Solid Support

Chapter 5. Analytical Methods for Solid Phase Synthesis

5.1. Colormetric Assays on Solid Support
5.2. Identification of Compounds Released from Resin
5.3. NMR Techniques for Solid-Phase Synthesis
5.4. IR Techniques for Solid-Phase Synthesis
5.5. Mass Spectrometry Techniques for Solid-Phase Synthesis
5.6. Other Analytical Methods for Combinatorial Synthesis

Chapter 6. Solution Libraries and the Solution/Solid-Phase Interface

6.1. Solution Libraries
6.2. Resin Capture
6.3. Support-Bound Reagents